Friday, March 22, 2013

Video Games are Big Business

I love working with game development companies. They're filled with very bright and creative people with a strong work ethic. Those same people, perhaps because of the nature of their product, create cultures that value collaboration, team-building and "play time". Over the years, it's been a pleasure to help several large developers craft and then execute real estate strategies that balance their demanding needs.

That's why I'm not surprised to learn of a recent report stating that Georgia's video game industry accounted for $1.6B in economic activity and nearly 2,000 high-wage jobs in 2012. That's also why I support the continuation of the tax credits designed to encourage growth in such companies.

Highlights from the report can be found at this link, where I learned of the report.

And for a map identifying many of Georgia's gaming assets, click here and use the buttons at the bottom right of the page to go to page 3.

Here's to your success!