Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Emergency Hospitals vs Urgent Care Facilities

It's no secret that it costs a hospital a LOT more money to see a patient in a hospital emergency room setting than in an off-campus facility. I recently heard and Atlanta hospital CEO quote a 10-to-1 cost difference.

It's also no secret that new urgent care facilities are opening pretty regularly. On a good note (to a hospital), these facilities handle many of the issues that clog ER's, offer lower reimbursements, and don't require hospital admission. On a bad note (to the hospital), the hospital loses control because it's tough for the hospital to influence whether they or competing hospital get the hospital-bound patient.

"Emergency Hospitals" are a way to address this balancing act AND add value to the community. Baptist Health System in San Antonio Texas is a great case in point... for a full write-up on what they're doing, click here. The article discusses how they're approaching it and does a great job of describing the differences between an Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care facility.

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