Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Change Brokerage Firms?

I’ve been asked several times lately why we (at Lynx Real Estate) took our Healthcare and Technology teams to Grubb & Ellis. The short answer is that it allows us to expand the reach and resources we offer to our clients.

Reach. As I type this, I’m in San Diego at a national collaboration summit. Hundreds of brokers from across the country have gathered to understand our various specialties and to discuss clients and potential areas where collaboration can enhance the value we deliver. More agents in more cities (over 100) means I now have market specialization everywhere you might be. This should explain the reach part.

Resources. Here is a small sampling of the resources I’ve interacted with this week alone:

- Healthcare. Over 25 Grubb & Ellis agents from around the nation gathered to discuss the new comprehensive healthcare real estate solution we’re building. This team’s individual members have completed over $1B in transactions and have seasoned expertise in all the areas listed below. These are not agents who recently decided to become healthcare experts… they are the real deal. Here’s the expertise we already have in place:
     o Sales - Institutional and smaller
     o Capital Markets (aka funding) for healthcare products
     o Leasing
     o Tenant Representation
     o Facilities Management
     o Stark, Kickback, and Fraud & Abuse compliance protection
     o Construction Management
     o Data Centers

- Technology. Grubb & Ellis has technology-savvy agents across the country who have formed a team to collaborate in helping technology companies make real estate decisions. I’ll be a contributer and collaborator with that team also.

- Land. I was recently asked by a client if a piece of land is (or could become) EB-5 qualified. Not only does Grubb & Ellis have people who know the program, they have people with direct experience in it.

- Foreign Nationals. I’m in the early stages of helping a Chinese business person purchase a specialized technology-centric building. Grubb & Ellis has a group of agents I can tap who specialize in assisting Chinese nationals in their domestic real estate transactions.

Other G&E resources include a chief economist, research department, graphic artist, appraisers, construction managers, and a host of other valuable services.

We at Lynx built a phenomenal platform and helped a large number of clients make very good real estate decisions. The Grubb & Ellis move allows us to continue to do so, but serving a national versus regional audience.  Let me know how I can put this platform to work for you.


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