Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Unexpected Land Discovery in metro Atlanta

I learned about a new land frontier in metro Atlanta's Fulton County yesterday, and it's an area that surprised me.

It seems that Union City has been hard at work paving the way for growth. They've annexed a major chunk of the South Fulton Parkway near Campbellton-Fairburn Road and gotten over 1,000 acres fully entitled for mixed use development. All of the public hearing work is done and the required community entities gave unanimous approval. Also, a major chunk of it has been declared an opportunity zone by the state, providing significant job tax credits (try $3500 per employee!).

Those two factors alone are huge, but the area development trends really caught my attention. It turns out that the areas north and south of South Fulton Parkway have been developed as mostly residential and that the 1/2 mile strip bordering the Parkway itself has been left basically raw. That means that the workforce and demand for services are largely already in place. Not one to take my word for it? Look at the photo below... it provides aerial shots from 1999 and 2008. See the red circled area without all the clutter? That's it.

Another thing... South Fulton Parkway is about a 15-minute straight shot to the Atlanta airport. I personally know several people who are investing significant time and expense to help international organizations establish a presence in Atlanta, and airport access is critical.

And for those wondering why I'm promoting this area, it's because it's unique and will be of value to someone I may be able to represent. I'm currently presenting portions of it to a couple of parties I represent, but I'm tied to them, not the land. As you always know, those listing the land represent the sellers' interests. I represent the buyer's interests. Let me know how I can help!