Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why put a Data Center in Metro Atlanta?

I was excited in early 2008 when I learned that the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce would be launching a Technology Council. I do a good bit of my business in Gwinnett, and I saw a chance to be an impact player on a team that would become known and respected. I was right! We recently wrapped up the final version of a great tool... the North Metro Atlanta Mission Critical Facility White Paper. Keep reading and you'll find out how you can take a look at it!

When the Mission Critical Facility task force first met, we determined that North Atlanta has a great story to tell for locating Mission Critical Facilities. The challenge was that this knowledge resided in the team's heads and that no one had ever documented it to share with those who might consider Atlanta. We thus produced a document succinctly covering the subject from beginning to end. The paper answers questions such as:

  • What is a Mission Critical Facility and what businesses tend to have them?

  • What are a few Mission Critical facilities in Atlanta and why did they come to this city?

  • What factors matter with a mission critical facility and how can they be assessed?

If you look on the final page, you'll even see that Technology Real Estate Advisors is acknowledged as a contributor! I'm proud to have played a part in its production, and I do hope it gives insight into a few of the things one much know about to be a Technology Real Estate Advisor.

To see the document in its entirety, click here and click through to the paper.

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